NEC PC Engine Super Grafx System PI-TG4 (SuperGrafx Console) (Boxed VGC 9Y076666A) by NEC
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PC Engine Super Grafx System

Boxed system with instructions, unique to the Super Grafx matching NEC PAD-113 Japanese Power Supply & Stereo AV cables. Included matching PI-PD6 joypad controller. Console, box and manual have matching serial numbers. Includes plug for the EXT BUS port at the back and the unused port at the front.

Overall very good condition but see pictures for full details: ACTUAL ITEM PICTURED. Game not included. The TV on the right is connected via a cable (not included) which connects to the console via the EXT. BUS port at the back. We've shown this to show the port is working.
Note that we only ever crop our photos. We never enhance/retouch them!
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