Neo Geo CD System 0130802 Pure Japanese 60Hz *Boxed + Instructions, Console Excellent Condition* (No Controller) by SNK
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Which Neo Geo CD console to get? Well, which one NOT to get is pretty easy: don't get the PAL one. 50Hz uselessness. That leaves the Japanese consoles: original Front Loader, CDZ or the trusty Top Loader; or the USA Top Loader. There's a strong argument for the USA one being the one to get, because MOST discs are dual language, so if you put a Japanese disc into an American system, not only is it fullscreen 60Hz but it will have English text (all Neo games have English speech, regardless of the console they're running on). For example, if you put a Japanese Flying Power Disc into an American console, it will display as Windjammers. An argument for a Japanese console is that some of the games are censored on English (UK/Euro PAL or USA NTSC) consoles so playing on the Japanese console gives you potentially the best versions of the games. Plus, the Neo Geo is an arcade machine, so having a bit of Japanese text here and there isn't really going to cause problems. For example, when you watch the intro for Nam-1975, the intro story text on a Japanese console comes up in Japanese but the guy speaks it all in English! The only real Japanese 'problems' are maybe end of bout taunts in fighting games or 'how to play' tutorials where you might be watching a little joystick & buttons moving/firing, where you can see your character or ship doing stuff but it might tell you what it's doing in Japanese. But it's all visual so you can work it out and, as mentioned before, IT'S AN ARCADE MACHINE, SO WHO IS REALLY GOING TO BE STUCK BY A COUPLE OF SENTENCES IN JAPANESE?

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Pure Japanese 60Hz Neo-Geo CD system (no controller), RGB SCART Cable (wired for UK & European TVs) and a Japanese 100v SNK power supply. ACTUAL ITEM PICTURED (game and TVs not included). Overall, we think the console is in fantastic condition. Serial number 0130802. Console and box have matching serial numbers.

NOTE: If you would like to change the RGB SCART cable for an S-Video cable, just let us know. The RGB SCART cable we are supplying is brand new and has therefore not been tested. If you'd like us to test it before sending, let us know.

Note that we only ever crop our photos. We never enhance/retouch them!

The power supply is 100v so you may need a step-down transformer (50W is fine).
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