NEC PC Engine GT Handheld Console System PI-TG6 (No Box) 1300208LA *RECAPPED* by NEC
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The PC Engine GT is an absolutely astounding handheld which has arguably never been surpassed (the Nomad tried, but as a handheld doesn't have the same impact... even newer consoles like the PSP and PS Vita, amazing as they are, just don't seem to have the gravitas and special feeling of the GT). It's easy to downplay just how amazing this little system was when it was launched. Using Active Matrix technology, the quality of the screen was absolutely superb; easily up to the standard of a pocket TV, with not much blurring even with fast scrolling games. It was in a completely different league to the Game Gear and Lynx and contributed to my hatred of the Game Gear, despite being a total Sega Boy (although I do love the little Japanese game boxes!). The system is your standard PC Engine, so you can play ALL Japanese PC Engine HuCard games. There's only 2 buttons as with the standard PC Engine joypad controller, so playing Street Fighter II' is obviously fiddly (you have to use the Run button and Start to toggle between punches and kicks), but you really have to see the game on the little screen - it's absolutely mindblowing! On the negative side, because the screen is so small, it's hard to read text, so playing RPGs is very difficult without a magnifying glass (Wide GT - very rare), although being a Japanese system, this is rarely a problem for Western users due to the fact that all RPGs contain Japanese text. There are also a couple of shooters which are harder to play because the bullets are harder to distinguish, but most people wouldn't consider this to be a problem for the vast majority of games. It's really just an issue of acclimatisation to the smallness, a bit like how people shave to get used to the shrapnel in Battle Garegga I guess. The only game I ever really had a problem with was Darius Plus, and even then only for about half an hour until I got used to it. On the positive side, the small screen squashes everything up, making the graphics appear better than they actually are, hiding the age of the system. For example, I would say that Power Drift, which looks quite messy on a big screen, actually looks quite close to the arcade on the GT - truly amazing! Parodius on the GT looking graphically better than the SNES version is another example. Override, a brilliant vertical shooter, looks fairly unspectacular on the big screen in terms of it's graphical intricacy (in terms of sprite handling, it's a different matter). On the little GT screen though, it just looks simply awesome!

One of my fondest memories is of taking a GT to a local arcade and standing next to a couple of guys playing on a Street Fighter II cabinet. I had the GT in my hands and I was playing Street Fighter II on it. It took them a couple of minutes to notice what I was playing on but once they figured it out, they pretty much had to go out and buy some new pants... I'm sure you get the idea! The real downside with the system, as with all colour backlit handhelds is that battery life is only just over 3 hours with Alkaline batteries. Of course, you can get an AC adapter for playing at home, and there is a rechargeable battery pack available. Overall, this is truly a system to lust after when you don't own it, and may well be the pride of your collection when you do own it. It may be expensive, but it was expensive when launched, and you really have to think about what you are getting for the money! The problem these days is getting a working one in good condition...

See pictures for condition: ACTUAL ITEM PICTURED. Console has been fully tested. Console has been recapped (original capacitors included in a little baggie). Speaker volume is LOUD!
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