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• NOTICE: We will be closed from Tuesday 31st January - Tuesday 7th February : read
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• Tasty rare Super Famicom game nbew arrivals! : read
• Our new Games Galaxy Megastore is now open! : read
• VideoGameImports website finally back up & running again! : read
> 29th Jun 2022 
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• VERY Rare Super Famicom game new arrivals! : read
• NOTICE: We are closed until Thursday 23rd + Christmas Opening Dates : read
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• NOTICE: We are now closed until Wednesday 18th : read
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• ALL website PS5 ordrs have been fullfilled + state of play going into Christmas. : read
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• Limited quantity of PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories available : read
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• Closed Until 8th May 2019 : read
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• One of our Games Galaxy Super Famicom glass cabinets...3 : read
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• Our Games Galaxy Japanese Mega Drive glass cabinet...3 : read
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• Notice: we will be closed from Monday April 8th - Monday 15th : read
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• New arrivals: Neo Geo CD games! : read
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• Fortnite Skull Trooper with Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle + Cuddle Team Leader with S : read
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• PAL Sega Dreamcast games new arrivals! : read
• SNK Neo Geo CD games just arrived! : read
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• Our Games Galaxy game store is 1 year old! : read
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• Awesome & rare retro games: New Arrivals Thursday: Sega Saturn! : read
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• Another NEW Super Famicom game for 2017: Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero : read
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• Brand new Super Famicom release Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter in stock now! : read
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> 23rd Dec 2016 
• Merry Christmas! We are now closed until December 28th : read
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• Battle Garegga Rev.2016 and Dangun Feveron announced for PS4!! : read
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• NOTICE: We will be closed from March 23rd to April 1st : read
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• Notice: we will be closed tomorrow (Thursday). Orders will be dispatched as usu : read
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• Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours (Darius Burst CS) in stock now, including the Li : read
> 22nd Dec 2015 
• Christmas & New Year Opening Times : read
> 22nd Sep 2015 
• New Dreamcast Shooter/Shmup The Ghost Blade in stock now, lower price! : read
> 19th Aug 2015 
• NEW ARRIVAL: Complete Japanese Sega Saturn Shooter / Shmup Collection! - BRAND N : read
> 21st Jul 2015 
• White Sega Saturn System (HST-0014/HST-3220) + Complete Japanese Shooter / Shmup : read
> 1st Apr 2015 
• Optimus Prime featuring Original PlayStation Transformers Model Figure + T-Shirt : read
> 19th Jan 2015 
• Tasty list of Retro Games due in from Japan soon... : read
> 15th Dec 2014 
• NOTICE: We will be closed from December 20th to January 12th. : read
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• New shooter Sakura Flamingo Archives. for Xbox 360 in stock now! : read
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• NOTICE: We will be closed tomorrow (Oct. 30th) & Friday : read
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• HUGE list of new arrivals from Japan : read
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• Ge-Sen Love Plus Pengo (Arcade Love / Gesen Love Plus Pengo + CombatZeal) -New X : read
> 27th Feb 2014 
• NEO XYX Collectors Edition EXCLUSIVE PACK almost ready to ship! : read
> 18th Feb 2014 
• Neo XYX Regular & Limited Editions in stock now! : read
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• Redux: Dark Matters Steelcase Limited Edition + 4 CD Complete Soundtrack Box Set : read
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• Finally... Redux is here! : read
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• NOTICE: We will not open until 1pm today : read
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• Information on the new Dreamcast shooters: Redux and Neo XYX : read
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• NOTICE: When ordering, please enter all your details as if you are a new custome : read
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• Monday arrival for Dodonpachi Saidaioujou : read
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• The Krakens have now arrived... sort of.... : read
> 26th Apr 2013 
• Sturmwind in stock now... sort of.... : read
• Dodonpachi Saidaioujou Super Limited Edition - Possible Cuts : read
> 23rd Apr 2013 
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• Preoders for new Dreamcast Shooter The Ghost Blade opening soon! : read
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• Cave Shooting Collection + 10-Disc Soundtrack CD HAS SHIPPED TO ALL CUSTOMERS : read
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• NEW LOWER PREORDER PRICE FOR Cave Shooting Collection Box Set! : read
• Special Offer on Cave games Ketsui and DeathSmiles IIX: Only 29.99 each inc VAT : read
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• Final release date confirmed for the Xbox 360 shooter Ginga Force : read
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• Redux: new Dreamcast shooter now up for preorder, coming soon! : read
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> 18th Jun 2012 
• Gunlord now up for preorder, EXCLUSIVE version available! : read
> 6th Jun 2012 
• Redux: Dark Matters. a new shooter coming for Dreamcast! : read
> 24th May 2012 
• Mushihimesama HD: all orders have now shipped! : read
• Mushihimesama HD in stock today! Please read... : read
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• Gunlord coming soon to Dreamcast! Neo Geo AES version to follow. : read
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• Under Defeat HD has now shipped to all customers! : read
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• PS Vita Wi-Fi consoles now 269.99, Last Few Remaining! : read
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• PS Vita Wi-Fi consoles now 269.99, Last Few Remaining! : read
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• Some last-minute gift ideas for Shooter fans : read
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• All UK PS Vita orders have now been dispatched! : read
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• Pre-Christmas PS Vita consoles now sold out. Cheaper post-Christmas systems... : read
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• Last few PS Vita units remaining for pre-Christmas delivery! : read
> 3rd Dec 2011 
Thinking about buying a Japanese PS Vita but have questions? Read on...
Q. Do we have any units available for preorder?
A. If it's on the website for preorder, then yes, we do. We only put things up for preorder which we can supply. This is how we operate. As long as it's up for preorder, then you can get one if you preorder one. If it disappears, then it means we have sold out. Disappearing items may return for preorder again if we secure more stock but this doesn't happen all the time.

Q. Will we get them before Christmas?
A. We will get them by the date shown on the preorder. Next day shipping from there.

Q. Will we be getting this/that game in?
A. Anything up for preorder, we'll get. Anything not up for preorder, ask us about.

Q. Will the power supply/charger work in the UK/Europe or will I have to buy a step down transformer.
A. We don't actually know for sure yet but the PSP's charger was 100-240v (multi voltage) so didn't need a step down transformer. All you had to do is either use a pin adaptor (shaver adaptor) or use a local 'figure of eight' power cable to plug into it. We're guessing the PS Vita will be the same as this.

Q. Will the games be 'all in English?'
A. Not sure/probably not. This is a Japanese system, and while you may be able to set your system language to English, it's really down to the programmers and what they put into the game. As a rule of thumb, if you're buying an arcadey title, you should be OK even if it is all in Japanese. If you're buying an RPG then you'd better be able to read Japanese! If this worries you, then you can try to dome some homework on the subject. Check out some videos of the games in action from the Tokyo Game Show, try to find out if you can actually see the text and menus. If you can't find out, then assume it will be in Japanese. We've been selling Japanese games to customers since 1991 to people who specifically want Japanese items so it's up to the customer to decide on the level of foreign text he or she is happy with.

Q. Will the games be multi region (Japanese games work on a UK system and vice-versa, etc.)
A. Sony said that they would.

Q. Do I need a memory card?
A. The PS Vita memory cards are a proprietry format/exclusive to the PS Vita so you need a PS Vita memory card to work with the PS Vita. You can't just grab any old SD card. We've been told that some games need a memory card just to start up (!) so we'd recommend you get something to avoid the potential major disappointment/rage which may occur if you buy a system and a game only for it to tell you that you need a memory card inserted to even get the game started. We may be getting larger memory cards before Christmas, but right now, all we can confirm are the ones up for preorder. If you'd prefer a larger memory card, then we'd recommend you buy one of the ones up for oreprder but in the additional comments box, mention that you're interested in upgrading to a larger one if possible and we'll contact you if we do get some.

Lastly, here's the situation as we see it and the advice we'd give: right now, we have units available. We also have games available. Not the same number of games and systems, obviously. We just ordered what we thought was the right balance but as we get closer to selling out, there'll be some imbalances. But we're getting so many emails from people who seem to be sitting on the sidelines at the moment and going by what happened with the PSP launch, when we suddenly had the units available and showed that we did have them and could supply them and at the price we quoted too (unlike many other online outlets/liars), all these customers suddenly crawled out of the woodwork and wanted one. Luckily we had extra units and we also had a good supply line going but even then, the demand increased so much and so quickly that we increased the price of new orders just to try to slow sales down (cries of 'why is it more expensive?' Reply: you should have bought one earlier). With the Vita, it's very different and not in a good way. There's a crucial and very tiny window of opportunity as the system is being launched so close to Christmas. We probably won't have any time to make a second order before Christmas. A second order will likely be between Christmas and New Year, and a third order will be likely only be in January, by which time you've kind of missed the nice Christmas buzz and the local/official launch is so close that unless you specifically want a Japanese machine, then it may not be worth paying extra to get one (unless we end up with major shortages of official/local ones of course). Also, since the PSP's launch, we now have new laws and rules about what can and can't be sent and who can or will send them. Sadly we don't have a ton of suppliers who are allowed to send us PS Vitas from Japan because of their 'dangerous batteries'. Anyone caught sending these things without the correct paperwork and permission may run into major problems and again, as it's so close to Christmas, there's no time to sort it out. So we have to be careful who we buy from to try to avoid any hold-ups. Basically, what we're saying is try to decide if you want a Japanese one at launch or not. If you do, then try to order one ASAP. We are getting them but we know we're going to make a lot of people who haven't ordered one from us yet disappointed. We can see this is going to happen but we can't do anything about it: it's up to the customer to get an order in. There are no benefits of not preordering early if you do want one.

> 28th Nov 2011 
• 361 Japanese MegaDrive titles just arrived from Japan! : read
> 22nd Nov 2011 
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> 21st Oct 2011 
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> 19th Sep 2011 
• A little information on the PlayStation Vita / PS Vita : read
> 26th Jul 2011 
• Amazing Thunder Force V Ship Model In Stock Now... : read
> 15th Jul 2011 
• Lovely Ikaruga Ship Model In Stock Now! : read
• Weekly Famitsu with 40-page SEGA special & awesome cover in stock! : read
• Shooting Gameside Vol. 2 Magazine/Book Finally In Stock! : read
> 21st Jun 2011 
• Limited restocks of Metal Slug Complete + Beautiful Poster : read
> 15th Jun 2011 
• Beautiful R-Type Ship Model In Stock Now, would make an awesome present... : read
> 13th Jun 2011 
• Gorgeous Japanese Artwork Books Restocked! : read
> 8th Jun 2011 
• SPECIAL OFFER on Weekly Famitsu Magazine : read
> 27th May 2011 
• (THURSDAY) Akai Katana Shin Batch A has now been dispatched... : read
> 12th May 2011 
• NOTICE: We will be closed from May 16th - June 2nd; Sale Starts 17:30 BST 13th : read
> 4th May 2011 
• Preorders for Akai Katana Shin BATCH A ending soon... : read
> 8th Apr 2011 
• Eschatos and Bullet Soul has now shipped to all customers! : read
> 5th Apr 2011 
• Important information about Eschatos and Bullet Soul : read
> 11th Mar 2011 
• Lovely Shooting Gameside Vol. 1 Magazine/Book In Stock Now! : read
> 23rd Feb 2011 
• Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets has now shipped to customers; Akai Katana Coming : read
> 3rd Feb 2011 
• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu BLACK LABEL has now shipped to all customers! : read
> 19th Jan 2011 
• New Shooters For Dreamcast and Xbox 360 Coming... : read
> 24th Dec 2010 
• Amended Christmas & New Year Opening Times : read
> 21st Dec 2010 
• Fast Striker Exclusive Editions and Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label Up For Pr : read
> 10th Dec 2010 
• Awesome New Shooter FAST STRIKER For Dreamcast Coming Soon! : read
> 7th Dec 2010 
• Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Preorder opening soon... : read
> 26th Nov 2010 
• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu has shipped to all customers! : read
• Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Arriving Today! : read
> 25th Nov 2010 
• Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Looking Good For Friday / Provisional 12:00 Friday Order : read
> 24th Nov 2010 
• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5 Arrival Date and Price Increases & Decreases... : read
> 18th Nov 2010 
• Huge list of other games coming in at the same time as Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu : read
• Xbox 360 Slim System (4GB) + Kinect Systems Arriving With Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu : read
> 5th Nov 2010 
• Beautiful R-Type Ship Model In Stock Now, nice Christmas present... : read
> 17th Sep 2010 
• Alternative telephone number: +44 (0)1429 263640 : read
> 16th Aug 2010 
• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5, Pink Sweets & Muchi Muchi Pork Coming to 360! : read
> 22nd Jun 2010 
• Cheaper Japanese Xbox 360 system package with Death Smiles Platinum Collection i : read
> 19th May 2010 
• Beautiful Sega Saturn and Mega Drive Zippo lighters in stock now! : read
> 5th May 2010 
• Incredible Multi Format Custom Joysticks Coming Soon! : read
> 25th Apr 2010 
• All Ketsui Orders Shipping Monday; Cheaper Japanese Xbox 360 Systems Available : read
> 23rd Apr 2010 
• Volcano Has Burned Our Ketsui : read
> 5th Mar 2010 
• Death Smiles 2 preorder information. : read
> 24th Feb 2010 
• URGENT: If you ordered Espgaluda II by PHONE after Feb. 22nd... : read
• Possible slight delay for Espgaluda II orders... : read
> 15th Feb 2010 
• Espgaluda II normal version is REGION FREE! Limited Edition is region locked. : read
> 8th Feb 2010 
• April 24th for Ketsui on 360! : read
> 30th Nov 2009 
• Feb. 25th for Espgaluda II Black Label on 360! : read
> 26th Nov 2009 
• Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 Normal + Ltd. Ed. + Sticks IN STOCK NOW! : read
> 18th Nov 2009 
• New Dreamcast Game Rush Rush Rally Racing IN STOCK NOW : read
> 2nd Nov 2009 
• Great New Dreamcast game coming VERY soon! : read
> 8th Oct 2009 
• New stocks of beautiful limited edition games / toys / CDs / books / T-shirts : read
> 29th Sep 2009 
• NO REGION CODING for Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5! : read
> 17th Aug 2009 
• Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 Up For Preorder; Pencilled-in Date For Espgaluda II : read
> 8th Jul 2009 
• FC Twin *Japan Version* (Plays Famicom + All regions of SNES) in stock now : read
> 3rd Jul 2009 
• DUX Regular Version in stock now! : read
> 2nd Jul 2009 
• Finally, DUX Limited Edition In Stock! Please read... : read
• Official Taito King Fossil Darius Gaiden T-Shirt : read
> 29th Apr 2009 
• Asian (Japanese) Xbox 360 Systems In Stock Now! : read
> 21st Apr 2009 
• Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 announced for Xbox 360! : read
> 30th Mar 2009 
• Shooting Game Historica 3 SP Available for Preorder Now! : read
> 25th Mar 2009 
• Ninja Blade Limited Edition In Stock Now for Xbox 360 (All Regions) : read
> 22nd Dec 2008 
• Christmas & New Year Opening Times & Posting Information : read
> 16th Dec 2008 
• Nintendo DSi Systems Back In Stock : read
> 7th Nov 2008 
• Beautiful Capcom Design Works Book and Psikyo VisualWorks Poster Book Back In St : read
> 5th Nov 2008 
• Shooting Game Historica 2 SP (Mini Model Spaceships) In Stock! : read
> 4th Nov 2008 
• Thunder Force VI (Thunderforce 6) in stock now, and shipping to all orders! : read
> 3rd Nov 2008 
• Official Super Mario Galaxy Plush Doll (Super Mario Plush Doll) In Stock! : read
> 24th Oct 2008 
• Ketsui in stock for DS now! : read
> 10th Jul 2008 
• Thunder Force VI due in October! : read
> 6th May 2008 
• Space Fantasy Zone in stock for PC Engine CD! : read
> 29th Nov 2007 
• List of Japanese items arriving before Christmas... : read
> 21st Nov 2007 
• Last Hope Limited Edition In Stock Now For Neo Geo CD! : read
> 29th May 2007 
• NEW LOW PRICE FOR Japanese 20GB PS3 : read
> 16th Feb 2007 
• PS3 package deals with Virtua Fighter 5 now available! : read
> 6th Feb 2007 
• Last Hope In Stock Now for Dreamcast! : read
> 22nd Dec 2006 
• 90 minutes until last order deadline... get your Wii Component Cables... : read
> 18th Dec 2006 
• Japanese Nintendo Wii Systems Back In Stock! : read
> 9th Nov 2006 
• Japanese Nintendo Wii Available For Preorder Now! : read
> 27th Jul 2006 
• Dozens of MegaDrive games REDUCED! : read
> 29th Jun 2005 
• Fantastic Capcom Fan Books Back In stock! : read
> 24th May 2005 
• NEW CUSTOMERS: How To Use Our Website : read
> 16th Jan 2004 
• F.A.Q. "Do we actually have these games in stock?" : read
> 22nd Aug 2003 
• Retro Action/Shooter Buying Tip. : read
> 12th Mar 2003 
• Switch, Solo & Electron cards now accepted online! : read
> 23rd Aug 2002 
• Counterfeit GBA games filtering through to the West : read
> 19th Aug 2002 

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