> 21st Apr 2017 
• Things we'll be putting up for sale soon: 17 Japanese Game Boy Games (selling a : read
• Things we'll be putting up for sale soon: 20 Japanese Game Boy Games (selling a : read
• Things we'll be putting up for sale soon: 17 Japanese Game Boy Games (selling a : read
• Things we'll be putting up for sale soon: 50 Japanese Game Boy Games! : read
• Things we'll be putting up for sale soon: 21 Sega My Cards : read
> 10th Apr 2017 
• Brand new Super Famicom release Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter in stock now! : read
> 27th Mar 2017 
• NOTICE: We wil be closed tomorrow (March 28th) : read
> 31st Jan 2017 
• 1000 Japanese retro games & items just arrived! : read
> 23rd Dec 2016 
• Merry Christmas! We are now closed until December 28th : read
> 8th Sep 2016 
• Battle Garegga Rev.2016 and Dangun Feveron announced for PS4!! : read
> 14th Aug 2016 
• Notice: We will be closed on Monday, August 15th : read
> 21st Mar 2016 
• NOTICE: We will be closed from March 23rd to April 1st : read
> 20th Jan 2016 
• Notice: we will be closed tomorrow (Thursday). Orders will be dispatched as usu : read
> 18th Jan 2016 
• Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours (Darius Burst CS) in stock now, including the Li : read
> 22nd Dec 2015 
• Christmas & New Year Opening Times : read
> 22nd Sep 2015 
• New Dreamcast Shooter/Shmup The Ghost Blade in stock now, lower price! : read
> 19th Aug 2015 
• NEW ARRIVAL: Complete Japanese Sega Saturn Shooter / Shmup Collection! - BRAND N : read
> 21st Jul 2015 
• White Sega Saturn System (HST-0014/HST-3220) + Complete Japanese Shooter / Shmup : read
> 1st Apr 2015 
• Optimus Prime featuring Original PlayStation Transformers Model Figure + T-Shirt : read
> 19th Jan 2015 
• Tasty list of Retro Games due in from Japan soon... : read
> 15th Dec 2014 
• NOTICE: We will be closed from December 20th to January 12th. : read
> 2nd Dec 2014 
• New shooter Sakura Flamingo Archives. for Xbox 360 in stock now! : read
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• NOTICE: We will be closed tomorrow (Oct. 30th) & Friday : read
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• Lots of Classic Mean Machines Sega Magazines listed... : read
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• HUGE list of new arrivals from Japan : read
> 29th May 2014 
• Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst in stock now! Normal & Limited Editions : read
> 23rd Apr 2014 
• Ge-Sen Love Plus Pengo (Arcade Love / Gesen Love Plus Pengo + CombatZeal) -New X : read
> 27th Feb 2014 
• NEO XYX Collectors Edition EXCLUSIVE PACK almost ready to ship! : read
> 18th Feb 2014 
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> 6th Feb 2014 
• Redux: Dark Matters Steelcase Limited Edition + 4 CD Complete Soundtrack Box Set : read
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• Finally... Redux is here! : read
> 21st Jan 2014 
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• Monday arrival for Dodonpachi Saidaioujou : read
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• The Krakens have now arrived... sort of.... : read
> 26th Apr 2013 
• Sturmwind in stock now... sort of.... : read
• Dodonpachi Saidaioujou Super Limited Edition - Possible Cuts : read
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• Sturmwind now up for preorder! : read
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• Sturmwind... no news and now suddenly released April 24th? : read
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• Preoders for new Dreamcast Shooter The Ghost Blade opening soon! : read
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• Cave Shooting Collection + 10-Disc Soundtrack CD HAS SHIPPED TO ALL CUSTOMERS : read
> 22nd Mar 2013 
• NEW LOWER PREORDER PRICE FOR Cave Shooting Collection Box Set! : read
• Special Offer on Cave games Ketsui and DeathSmiles IIX: Only £29.99 each inc VAT : read
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• Final release date confirmed for the Xbox 360 shooter Ginga Force : read
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• Mushihimesama HD: all orders have now shipped! : read
• Mushihimesama HD in stock today! Please read... : read
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• Under Defeat HD has now shipped to all customers! : read
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• PS Vita Wi-Fi consoles now £269.99, Last Few Remaining! : read
> 1st Feb 2012 
• PS Vita Wi-Fi consoles now £269.99, Last Few Remaining! : read
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• 361 Japanese MegaDrive titles just arrived from Japan! : read
> 22nd Nov 2011 
• Sturmwind and Gun Lord Exclusive Limited Editions... : read
> 21st Oct 2011 
Big Collection of Japanese Games Bought - Contact Us For Special Prices
Well, we don't usually post lists of things we've bought or received as trade-ins from people as news items, but there's so much stuff here that it's worth mentioning. A very diverse collection with lots of RPGs as well as our usual staple of shooters and fighting games.

If anyone's interested in purchasing any items, please contact us and we'll offer a good discount compared to our normal website prices. Also, if you'd like to receive the list in a neater excel file, again, contact us.

We'll delete the titles from this list as they're either sold or processed onto the website.

PC-FX Y Angelique Special 2 ADV/STG Double disk case PC-FX title Boxed, with spine card, good condition overall
Y Battle Heat Video-based fighter Boxed, as new, with manual and registration card (mint)
Y Chip Chan Kick Puzzle Boxed, excellent, with spine and registration cards, manual insert, no sticker, disk and manual mint
Y Deep Blue Fleet STG Playable strategy game in large box Boxed, excellent condition, minor creases on manual
Y Doukyusei 2 Adventure Boxed, without spine card, average condition
Y Farland Story FX RPG Boxed, excellent condition
Y Fushigi No Kuni No Angelique ADV/puzzle Boxed, excellent condition with spine card
Y Zero Iga Shooter Boxed, with spine and registration card, marks on manual and minor mark on disk, no sun fade

Y Elements Voice Series x 3 Etc Exceptionally rare mini puzzle game series in unusual Playdia V boxes. Sometimes referred to as Idol discs - but they have gameplay segments. I have only ever seen one more for sale. Boxed, all excellent condition with multiple disks, stickers and cards

3D0 Y Burning Soldier Rails shooter Playable Average, with registration card
Y Chikichiki Machine Race Etc Very good
Y D ADV Original D by warp Very good, with inserts and plastic card
Y Doctor Hauzer Adventure Precursor to Resident Evil - playable No spine card, average condition
Y Flopon The Space Mutant WARP Puzzle Very playable, warp puzzler - one of the best 3D0 Mint, with spine and registration cards
Y Night Trap Etc Very good, with spine card
Y Sailor Moon S Fighter Excellent 2D fighter Average, no spine card
Y Samurai Shodown Fighter Average
Y Sotsugyou ADV Good, no spine card
Y Sword and Sorcery RPG Very rare, playable JRPG Very good, with spine card
Y Testujin Shooting Playable shooting game Average, with spine card
Y The Janken Special Etc Mahjong AO Average

Y Flash Sega Saturn Demo disk Rare NFS demo disk Average
Y Gamewear 1, 2 3, and 5 Electronic magazine Parts 1, 2 , 3 and 5; demos, videos and a shooter on 5 Above average
Y Lunar Silver Star Story RPG Non-mpeg release No spine card, otherwise excellent
Y Macross 2D shooter 2 disk shooter Very good, with spine card
Y Magic Knight Rayearth Shooter/RPG Limited edition box set arcade RPG with shooting elements Excellent, sun fade on spine
Y Magical School Lunar RPG Rare sequel to Lunar series, with trading cards With spine card, mint except for creased manual
Y Neon Genesis Evangelion ADV Average
Y Neon Genesis Evangelion Digital Card Library Media Popular with fans With spine card, good condition
Y Neon Genesis Evangelion Illustrations Media Quite rare Complete, excellent
Y Neon Genesis Evangelion Second Impression ADV Edition with CD Very good
Y Nights into Dreams Action Average, no spine card
Y Nights into Dreams Christmas Action Good, no spine card
Y Sega Rally Racing Good, with spine card
Y Shining the Holy Ark RPG Disk and manual only

Dreamcast Y Angel Present ADV Adventure game with action segments Complete, good condition
Y Blue Space Stinger ADV Complete, as new
Y Capcom Taisen fan disk Fan disk Not for sale Some cracks to standard case, otherwise mint
Y Capcom vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro 2D fighter Mild discolouration of white case, very slight marks on disk
Y Card of Destiny RPG Limited edition with soundtrack Complete, with inserts, good condition
Y Gundam Battle Online STG Includes limited edition stickers Complete, excellent
Y Izumo RPG Limited edition first print with box Some scuffs on box, otherwise complete and mint
Y Kikaioh FMS 3D fighter For matching service edition of Capcom arcade fighter Complete, as new
Y Power Stone 2 Action Slight imperfections on manual, no spine card, otherwise good
Y Pro Yakyu Team de Asobou! Baseball Complete, as new
Y Samba de Amigo Rhythm action Complete, slight scratch on case, otherwise mint
Y Super Puzzle Fighter FMS Puzzle For matching service edition Complete, as new
Y The House of the Dead 2 Gun shooting Complete, good condition

Playstation Angel Eyes 2D fighter Complete, mint
Y Blaze and Blade RPG Complete with memory card, stickers Good
Y Blood Factory Action No spine card, very good condition overall
Y Bokan Desu Yo 2D shooter No spine card, crease to manual, overall good
Y Bokan to Ippatsu! Doronboo 2D shooter For family release No spine card, poor condition, disk excellent
Y Breath of Fire 4 RPG Playstation best release with guide book Mint
Y Burger Burger Simulation Complete, mint
Y Bushido Blade 3D fighter Complete, good condition
Y Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Magic Limited Edition Puzzle Very rare limited edition with brand new pocketstation, signed script, cards and strap, game itself almost identical to Finger Flashing Mint
Y Cyber Org Action No spine card, very good condition overall
Y Dezaemon Plus 2D shooter Build your own shooter with complete manual and cuttings No spine card, some sun fade, otherwise very good

Y Dragon Quest 7 RPG HK release No spine card, very good condition overall
Y Dragon Valour Action No spine card, otherwise excellent
Y Dynamic Robot Taisen Manga Complete, mint
Y Final Fantasy 1 and 2 RPG PS books release Mint
Y Fist 3D fighter First edition with music CD Complete, good condition
Y Gatchaman The Shooting 2D shooter 2000 series release Excellent
Y Gouketugi Ichizoku 2 2D fighter No spine card, good condition
Y Gundam Battle Master 2 2D fighter Complete, good condition
Y Koudelka RPG Complete, good condition
Y Lunar 2 RPG The best release Complete, excellent
Y Lunatic Dawn 3 RPG Complete, mint
Y Mahha Gogogo Racing No spine card, good condition
Y MDK Action Complete, mint
Y Night Striker Arcade No spine card, marks to manual, otherwise excellent
Y Other Life Azure Dreams RPG No spine card, good condition
Y Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty 2D fighter No spine card, good condition
Y Psychic Force Puzzle Puzzle Original release with extra disk Complete, mint
Y Rasetsu no Ken Action HK release No spine card, average condition
Y Samurai Spirits RPG RPG No spine card, otherwise excellent
Y Sister Princess 2 ADV No spine card, otherwise mint
Y Soldivibe 2D shooter Complete, mint
Y Startling Adventures Etc Capcom produced mini-game collection Complete, mint
Y Tatsunoko Fight 2D fighter Complete, mint
Y The Eternal Eden RPG Complete, mint
Y The King of Fighters 1997 2D fighter Books release Excellent
Y The King of Fighters 1998 2D fighter Books release Excellent
Y The King of Fighters 1999 2D fighter The best release Complete, excellent
Y The King of Fighters Kyo RPG The best release Complete, very good condition
Y The Shooting 2D shooter Complete, good condition
Y Tokimeki Memorial Puzzle Dama Puzzle Re-release Very good
Y Tomb Raiders Action The best release No spine card, good condition
Y Two-Ten Kaku 2D shooter Original release with fold-out Complete, excellent
Y Umiharakawase Syun Puzzle Complete, mint
Y Vagrant Story RPG PS books release Very good
Y Vampire Hunter D Action No spine card, damaged case, otherwise very good
Y Vib-Ribbon Puzzle Books release Complete, mint

Playstation 2 y Aquaaqua Puzzle Mint
y Ar Tonelico STG Excellent
y Baldr Force EXE Shooter/ADV Limited edition with soundtrack and figure, very odd over-head shooter Mint
y Beatmania 2 DX Rhythm Very rare Konami style edition with soundtrack, visual emotions DVD and calendar in limited edition box Mint
y Blood The Last Vampire part 1 ADV Excellent
y Bumpy Trot Action HK release Mint
y Code Age Commanders Action/RPG HK release Mint
y Dark Chronical RPG HK release Mint
y Dark Cloud RPG Mint
y Devil May Cry Action Mint
y Devil Summoner Raidou vs Superhuman Army RPG Mint
y Drag-on Dragoon Action HK release Mint
y Drag-on Dragoon 2 Action/RPG HK release Mint
y Dragon Quest 8 RPG Mint
y Evergrace Action Mint
y Fahrenheit Action English language version Mint
y Fantavision Puzzle One scratch on case, otherwise mint
y Final Fantasy XI RPG Very good
y Final Fantasy X-2 RPG Mint
y Flipnick Pinball Mint
y G-Breaker 2 STG HK release Mint
y Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 1 2D fighter Mint
y Genji Action HK release Slight damage to box, otherwise very good
y God Hand Action First edition with soundtrack Mint
y Grandia 2 RPG Mint
y Grandia 3 RPG In limited edition History of Grandia box Mint
y Grandia Xtreme RPG Mint
y Guilty Gear Isuka 2D fighter Good
y Guilty Gear XX 2D fighter Complete, very good condition
y Guilty Gear XX Slash 2D fighter Mint
y Gundam True Odyssey RPG Mint
y Gungrave Action Limited edition reversible cover Excellent
y Gungriffon Blaze Action Very good
y Hard Luck Action Mint
y Heavy Metal Thunder 3D fighter HK release Mint
y Hokuto no Ken 2D fighter First print limited edition with DVD Mint
y Homura 2D shooter Complete, mint
y I.Q Remix Plus Puzzle Slight marks on case, otherwise as new
y King of Fighters Neowave 2D fighter Mint
y Kingdom Hearts 2 Action Mint

y Legaia Dual Saga RPG Mint
y Love Smash 5.1 Sports Mint
y Magnacarta STG Back cover wrinkled, otherwise excellent
y Makai Tensei STG Mint
y Makenshao Action Includes first limited edition bonuses Mint
y Metal Gear Solid 2 Action One prong missing inside case, otherwise mint
y Metal Gear Solid 3 Action Mint
y Musashiden 2 Action HK release Mint
y Namcom X Capcom STG HK release Mint
y Odin Spear Action Mint
y Persona 3 FES RPG Complete edition Mint
y Pop’nmusic Rhythm Very rare Konami style edition with soundtrack and kubrick figure Minor creases to box, otherwise mint
y Popolocrois Hajimari no Bokken RPG Mint
y Popolocrois Tsuki no Okite no Bokken RPG Mint
y Primal Image 1 Etc Rare first release Average
y Rahxephon Action Mint
y Reiselied RPG Mint
y Rogue Galaxy Action/RPG Mint
y Sakigake! 3D fighter Mint
y Seven The Cavalry of Mourlmouth STG Wrinkled cover, otherwise excellent
y Shadow Hearts RPG The best release with premium disk Mint
y Shadow Hearts 2 Directors Cut RPG The best release Excellent
y Shadow Hearts From the New World RPG Mint
y Shining Force Neo RPG Damaged manual, otherwise mint
y Shining Tears RPG HK release Mint
y Sorcerous Stabber Orphan Action Very good
y Space Channel 5 Part 2 Rhythm Mint
y Star Ocean 3 RPG Very rare first edition - withdrawn from sale Mint
y Star Ocean 3 Directors Cut RPG Mint
y Super Monkey Ball Deluxe Puzzle Mint
y Super Robot Taisen Impact STG With guide book Excellent
y Tales of Legendia RPG HK release Mint
y Tales of Symphonia RPG HK release Mint
y Tekken 5 3D fighter HK release Mint
y The Bouncer Fighter Mint
y The King of Fighters 2000 2D fighter Mint
y The King of Fighters 2001 2D fighter Includes Neowave fighters card Mint
y The King of Fighters 2002 2D fighter HK release Mint
y The King of Fighters 2003 2D fighter Mint
y The Rhapsody of Zephyr RPG First edition with soundtrack Mint
y Tsugunai RPG Mint
y Unlimited Saga Boardgame Mint
y Vampire Night Gun shooting Very good
y Wild Arms 3 RPG Mint
y Wild Arms 5 RPG Mint
y Wild Arms Alter Code F RPG HK release Mint
y Wonder and the Colossus Action Mint
y Xenosaga Episiode 1 RPG With first edition bonuses Mint
y Xenosaga Episiode 1 Reloaded RPG English language version with Xenosaga premium disk Mint
y Xenosaga Episiode 2 RPG Mint
y Xenosaga Episode 3 RPG Mint
y Xigo Puzzle Chinese release Mint
y XII Stag 2D shooter Creases on manual, otherwise mint
y Zone of the Enders Action First print with demo disk Mint
y Zone of the Enders Anubis Action Mint
y Zwei!! RPG Mint

Xbox Y Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball Sports HK release Mint
Y Dead or Alive Ultimate 3D fighter First print with extras - complete Mint
Y Genma Onii Musha Action Mint
Y Ninja Gaiden Action Mint
Y Xbox Live Arcade Arcade Not for sale, Famitsu disk Mint

Xbox 360 Y
Y Blue Dragon RPG First print, reversible cover Mint
Y Bullet Witch Action HK release Mint
Y Castleviania DS Action Mint
Y Dead or Alive 4 3D fighter First print limited edition Mint
Y Dead or Alive Extreme 2 Sports HK release Mint
Y Devilish Puzzle Mint
Y Enchant Arm RPG Mint
Y Everyparty Party First print Mint
Y Final Fantasy 11 Beta RPG Mint
Y Gears of War Action Rare Japanese limited edition in tin Mint
Y Guruguru Nigetto Puzzle Mint
Y Hitofude Puzzle Mint
Jump Super Stars Fighter Mint
Y Meteos Puzzle Mint
Y Ninety Nine Nights Action Platinum release Mint
Y Pokemon Dash Racing Mint
Y Ridge Racer 6 Racing Mint
Y Seikendensetsu DS RPG Mint
Y Senko no Ronde X Vs shooter Limited edition with CD Mint
Y Super Robot Taisen XO STG Creases on manual, otherwise mint
Y Touch Game Party Party Mint

PSP Y Crisis Core FF7 RPG First print with headphones Mint
Y God Eater Action Rare boxed demo Mint
Y Guitar Man Live Rhythm Mint
Y Itadaki Street Portable Boardgame Mint
Y Kollon Puzzle Mint
Y Lumines Puzzle Very rare popular first edition regularly sells for over 10000 yen (it opens hacking doors) Mint
Y Metal Gear Solid BD Comic Mint
Y Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus Action Deluxe box Mint
Y Naruto the Movie UMD Film First edition with playing cards Mint
Y Soukyuu no Fafner Action Mint
Y Star Ocean 1 RPG Mint
Y Tales of Phantasia RPG Mint
Y Tales of the World RPG Mint
Y Tenchi no Mon Action Boxed demo Mint
Y Valhalla Knights RPG The best release Mint
Y Vampire Chronicle 2D fighter Mint

Y 18 assorted demo and pre-order disks Details if needed... Includes some rarities. Varied - most mint
Y Capcom Fighting Jam Master Disk Official master disk Mint
Y Famicon no Video Very collectible FC documentary Mint
Y Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children First print Mint
Y Final Fantasy the Adventure Bible 3 disk history of Final Fantasy Some marks on disks, otherwise very good
Y Gankutsuo vol 1 First print with extra disk Mint
Y Melty Blood Combo Final tuned combo DVD Mint
Y Namcot Famicom music DVD 2 hours of famicom music and gameplay Mint
Y Nico Very rare early footage of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Mint
Y Shin Megami Tensei 3 Special Very rare 2 hour documentary of SMT series Very good
Y Super Battle DVD 4 2 disk official finals 4, street fighter 3 Mint
Y Super Battle Opera 3 2 disk footage of 2004 Capcom vs SNK 2 competition Mint
Y The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Memorial Mint
Y Vampire Hunter D Collectors box with 4 disks Mint

Doujin PC Y 6 other doujin games 2D fighter/shooter Details if needed all playable arcade genres. Mint
Y Bike Banditz 2D shooter Fantastic France Pan developed shooter Mint
Y Fate Sword Dance 2D fighter Mint
Y Glove on Fight 2D fighter Mint
Y Melty Blood 2D fighter Rare first edition Mint
Y Melty Blood Re-act 2D fighter Mint
Y Samidare 2D shooter Mock-Dreamcast box Mint
Y Soldier Force 2D shooter Mint

CDs Y Pink Sweets OST 2 disk Cave OST Mint
Y Dreamcast campaign song Japanese single box with 3 Dreamcast songs Very good
Y Gankutsuo OST Mint
Y Final Fantasy 9 Piano Collections Good
Y Final Fantasy 7 Piano Collections Excellent
Y Final Fantasy Live 2002 Good
Y Final Fantasy More Friends Mint
Y Breath of Fire 3 Drama CD Mint

Books Y 19 assorted guidebooks All very good condition

Y Dreamcast Internet Guide
> 19th Sep 2011 
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> 26th Jul 2011 
• Amazing Thunder Force V Ship Model In Stock Now... : read
> 15th Jul 2011 
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• Weekly Famitsu with 40-page SEGA special & awesome cover in stock! : read
• Shooting Gameside Vol. 2 Magazine/Book Finally In Stock! : read
> 21st Jun 2011 
• Limited restocks of Metal Slug Complete + Beautiful Poster : read
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• Beautiful R-Type Ship Model In Stock Now, would make an awesome present... : read
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• Gorgeous Japanese Artwork Books Restocked! : read
> 8th Jun 2011 
• SPECIAL OFFER on Weekly Famitsu Magazine : read
> 27th May 2011 
• (THURSDAY) Akai Katana Shin Batch A has now been dispatched... : read
> 12th May 2011 
• NOTICE: We will be closed from May 16th - June 2nd; Sale Starts 17:30 BST 13th : read
> 4th May 2011 
• Preorders for Akai Katana Shin BATCH A ending soon... : read
> 8th Apr 2011 
• Eschatos and Bullet Soul has now shipped to all customers! : read
> 5th Apr 2011 
• Important information about Eschatos and Bullet Soul : read
> 11th Mar 2011 
• Lovely Shooting Gameside Vol. 1 Magazine/Book In Stock Now! : read
> 23rd Feb 2011 
• Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets has now shipped to customers; Akai Katana Coming : read
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• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu BLACK LABEL has now shipped to all customers! : read
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• Amended Christmas & New Year Opening Times : read
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• Fast Striker Exclusive Editions and Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label Up For Pr : read
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• Awesome New Shooter FAST STRIKER For Dreamcast Coming Soon! : read
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• Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Preorder opening soon... : read
> 26th Nov 2010 
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• Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Arriving Today! : read
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• Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Looking Good For Friday / Provisional 12:00 Friday Order : read
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• DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5 Arrival Date and Price Increases & Decreases... : read
> 18th Nov 2010 
• Huge list of other games coming in at the same time as Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu : read
• Xbox 360 Slim System (4GB) + Kinect Systems Arriving With Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu : read
> 5th Nov 2010 
• Beautiful R-Type Ship Model In Stock Now, nice Christmas present... : read
> 17th Sep 2010 
• Alternative telephone number: +44 (0)1429 263640 : read
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• Possible slight delay for Espgaluda II orders... : read
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• Espgaluda II normal version is REGION FREE! Limited Edition is region locked. : read
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> 10th Jul 2008 
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> 29th Nov 2007 
• List of Japanese items arriving before Christmas... : read
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