How to Use the Website

The website is split into 3 sections:  Software (the main page basically), Hardware and Merchandise.  You change between them at the top left of the website.

The new arrivals of the software and hardware are always listed when you first visit those sections of the website.  They can be seen on the right hand side of the page.  Items stay there for 2 weeks.

To see existing/older stock you either use the search engine or you use the drop-down bars at the top.  The first bar selects the format (Saturn, etc.).  The second bar is for the category (so in the hardware section it would show consoles or accessories etc. and in software it would show the different genres of games, like traditional shooters or fighting games).  The third bar selects the region (Japanese, UK, ALL etc.).  Then you either press the >> button or tick the 'list' box then press the >> button.  If you tick that 'list' box it will show everything in a list format so you can fit more things on one page and then go into the item from there.  If you don't list it, then it will show up each item within the categories you've selected but of course they'll be in full detail so you may have to scroll through more.

So, for example if you wanted to see all of the Japanese shooters we have for the Saturn, you'd be on the main/software section of the website, select Saturn, Traditional Shooter, Jap then click the list button and then go (>>).  You'll then instantly see everything... it really couldn't be more simple!

The website is setup to basically be no-frills.  Everything can be accessed almost instantly without resorting to going through loads of different pages or sub-menus to get there.