Hori Fighting Stick Neo II HNS-08 for Neo Geo AES & CD by Hori
Jap | Controller Devices
Awesome turbo fire metal joystick from the craftsmen at Hori, which is - whisper it - arguably better than SNK's own original stick. I guess some people will always love the original SNK stick because it just feels like the Neo Geo, in the same way that the SNES joypad just feels like the SNES and anything other than that doesn't give you that nostalgic SNES, or Neo Geo feeling. But, really, this Hori stick IS better! It's heavier, so much more solid-feeling, the joystick itself is far better (I always felt that the Neo stick was pushing you into a square movement). Works with the Neo CD of course.

Overall good condition but see pictures for full details: ACTUAL ITEM PICTURED. Fully tested. Note that we only ever crop our photos. We never enhance/retouch them!
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