Q. What credit cards/debit cards do you accept?
A. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch and Solo.

Q. I don't have a credit card/debit card, is there any other way to pay?
A. Yes, you can pay by cash, but we recommend only sending cash by Special Delivery. You can also pay by cheque or Postal Orders. Please make them payable to 'Dreamware'. We would advise you to email or call us before sending payment to that we may reserve the goods for you in case they sell out before we have received your payment. You can pay by bank transfer/online payment/faster payment (contact us for details). We don't officially accept paypal but if you are verified and have a confirmed address, we may be able to accept it. Again, contact us for details.

Q. I live in country X, how much will X game cost in my currency?
A. We charge in British Pounds Sterling (GPB). Your credit card company then converts this into your own currency. Due to the constantly changing exchange rate we cannot accurately tell you what you will pay, but you can click on the currency converter link to get a good estimate.

Q. How much will shipping cost for X game?
A. You can play around with our website without being forced to buy. If you click 'buy me' on the games you're interested in buying, it will show you all the different shipping options and costs. As you add more games, the shipping cost will rise. If you're within the UK the maximum shipping charge is ?.

Q. What is VAT and do I have to pay it?
A. VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is the UK's sales tax. It's charged at 20%. If you live in the UK or anywhere within the EEC/EC (most of Europe) then you have to pay VAT. Everyone outside the EEC does NOT pay VAT. Yes, this means that US customers don't pay VAT. Please note that some items are not VAT-qualifying and have a single price

Q. Can you get me more information on consoles?
PC Engine
Neo Geo